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This code is a hack. We can not and will not be responsible for any nasuea, dizziness, vomiting, or shortness of breath resulting from reading this code. Pregnant women and individuals with back injuries, heart conditions, or are under the care of a physician should not read this code.

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Bochs floppy has no errors
In a normal PC, it's common to issue up to 3 read commands on a sector/track before it can be read fine. If you don't have proper error check/recovery in your bootsector, you're likely to run something that is not your kernel... Hmmmm.... :-/

Bochs together with Oracle VirtualBox seems to be a very idealistic piece of virtual hardware :-D

Kernel development is the brain surgery of programming. (thepowersgang @ osdev.org)

ACPI really sucks ! And I am not the only one who has this impression - see Linus's comments on ACPI here or see his another comment on same topic:
Modern PCs are horrible. ACPI is a complete design disaster in every way. But we're kind of stuck with it. If any Intel people are listening to this and you had anything to do with ACPI, shoot yourself now, before you reproduce.

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Demo OVA appliance (can be easily imported to Oracle VirtualBox), version 0.2 Build 2017-03-04 Rev 186

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To be reconsidered

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Currently exported function list (presented via software interrupt to the apps) is here (outdated)

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